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About us

Mase Hub offers a fresh approach to beautifully designed, comprehensive lighting solutions. We specialize in all aspects of lighting solutions, from supply to installation, management, and support, we can help with every lighting demands.
ALS will help you to make an informed decision for a successful illumination selection. We can custom design any structures that may be required to install your fixtures and in accordance with the application
Our goal is to serve the market with innovative and highly configurable designs, translating your raw vision to dazzling reality while providing you with a world class customer experience.
We are dedicated to create lighting that inspires the soul, delivering the highest quality visual experience for virtually any space, MASE HUB’s highly competent & professional engineers work closely with Architects, Interior Designers, Product Designers & Lighting Consultants to provide solutions to meet individual customer needs.


  • Dynamic, creative and high sense of responsibility
  • Quality assurance, advanced technology
  • Dedicated service, close relationship with customers


  • Brand development based on product quality, scientific management, customer satisfaction
  • Improve technology, improve quality and perfect service
mase hub
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We have an enthusiastic technical team, high professional qualifications, long experience working in the led industry.


Right at the stage of choosing a manufacturer to be a partner,  MASE HUB has carefully considered and strictly checked the quality of their products. Therefore, the products we bring to customers will always be of the best quality.